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Bed and Breakfast Scanno La Casa dei Nonni Scanno

Bed and Breakfast Scanno La Casa dei Nonni Abruzzo

Bed and Breakfast Scanno La Casa dei Nonni

Bed and Breakfast in Scanno . Arrive at our B & B will take you to cross streets , arches and alleyways that have centuries of history , stories and memories. “La Casa dei Nonni ” bed and breakfast in Scanno will find everything that this name will inspire you : hospitality, warmth, protection , care , love and the relief of being able to leave your worries at the door. Our house is guarded and set in one of the most enchanting and characteristic Scanno, small but famous village of one of the most beautiful parks of Abruzzo. “La Casa dei Nonni ” you will find an atmosphere of refined hospitality, relaxation and peace of mind , combined with a comfortable and cared for. Inside our rooms create an immediate and continuous reference to everything that was and is the truth of this ancient and modern country. No coincidence that they were part of one of its most important buildings and rich history , as well as the happy and welcoming home of my maternal grandparents and idyllic setting of my childhood and that of the other numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren that make our B & B a must.

So the colors of the times , period furnishings , bed linen and sweet and romantic vision of these alleys marked by stones and pebbles , will give you the perfect setting to enjoy the pleasure of finding that moment of pause in which it will be easy to indulge in dreams.

Bed and Breakfast in Abruzzo Scanno one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

BeB Scanno La Casa dei Nonni

La casa dei nonni si trova nel cuore più antico e ricco di storia di Scanno